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The Fairytale

  • Tale imagined, illustrated and written by Ghalia Benali
  • Written in French by Ghalia Benali/Edited by Sebastien Davis.
  • Translated to English by Sebastien Davis/ Edited by Andre Dabdoub
  • Translated to Arabic by Abir Ghattas/ Edited by Alaa deen Agha


  • “… Leila was born during the winter solstice. Unable to avoid the strange genetic law of the people of her tribe, Leila has only one eye.
  • This inheritance guarantees a single steady vision of the world. everything has been established and nothing can or should change.
  • If someone is unfortunately born with two eyes, the left one is sacrificed…”


In the quest for divine perfection, love appears to be the sole redeemer. Falling in love gives a sense of flawlessness that allows us to reach limits beyond our potentials. That is until the love perishes and the pursuit of perfection starts all over again.

“Romeo and Leila” is a Ghalia Benali autobiography; for every mythical character mentioned in the fictional tale refers to someone she met in her real life journey. As a young artist, Benali left her country and safe haven, searching for a love she only dared dream of. Facing different cultures, beliefs and social pressures, her departure was anything but mundane.

In the tale of Romeo and Leila, Benali is both the hero and heroine. Both rising from different worlds, the only thing that could bring them together in harmony is acceptance. The short story is about a secluded and overly-protected princess and five short journeys she has to take to reach the divine perfection found in love. During her hunt for five pearls that would be her liberator, she learns the lesson of a lifetime.

Originally written in French and translated to English, “Romeo and Leila” shows us that love is rebirth, never death, as tradition and literature tend to carve in our subconscious.

The tale was performed by Benali as a musical in Belgium. The personal project was not recorded with a music label, but with the help of the Palestinian founder of Amal Festival in Santiago de Compostella in Spain, Ghaleb Jaber, and the Flemish community of Belgium. The album was released in 2006.

« The real enemy isn’t found outside of ourselves… Inner demons and broken dreams are our jailers. »

The First Moon: The blind man, The fool and the Monkey
The Second Moon: Om Prakash and the Moon
The Third Moon: The dragon of north fields
The Fourth Moon: the mermaid and the sailor
The Fifth Moon: The murderer and the prostitute

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