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Wish I had two hearts/لو كان لي قلبان


This record is an impro, the first and only take in Khaled Dagher’s studio… one night in Cairo
Thanks to Khaled and his great sound engineering Ali Alsohagy

لو كانَ لي قلبان لعشت بواحدٍ
وأفردتُ قلباً في هواكَ يُعذَّبُ
لكنَّ لي قلباً تّمَلكَهُ الهَوى
لا العَيشُ يحلُو لَهُ ولا الموتُ يَقْرَبُ
كَعُصفُورةٍ في كفِّ طفلٍ يُهِينُها
تُعَانِي عَذابَ المَوتِ والطِفلُ يلعبُ
فلا الطفل ذو عقلٍ يرِقُّ لِحالِها
ولا الطّيرُ مَطلُوقُ الجنَاحَينِ فيذهبُ

Lyrics : ( قيس بن الملوح)

If I had two hearts
I’d live with one of them
and let the other to be tortured in your love
but I only have one heart owned by love
Neither pleased by living nor that death is near
like a little bird in the hands of a child insulting it
suffering from the torment of death while the child plays
neither is the child’s aware about pity
Nor the wings of the Bird are free, that he can fly

by: on: 9 Aug, 2014 Artist: GHALIA BENALI

One thought on “Wish I had two hearts/لو كان لي قلبان”

  1. Ghalia says:

    Belle chanson


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