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MwSOUL Album Release /June 5th Belgium



“Ghalia Benali, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Dancer, Visual Artist & Actress.
Born in Brussels, raised in south Tunisia, studied Graphic Design in St. Luc Institute, Brussels.
Blending different types of music, connecting different cultures, reviving the old and rooting the new are a natural outcome of mixing the two extremes she lived through.
Her music has been noted for its attribution to multiple genres and defining contemporary Arabic music.
MwSOUL, translated as connected, is Benali’s next music project that blends classic and contemporary Arab lyrics.
The music using breath (Brass) and beat (Percussion) was written by Benali, referring to the soul and heart, and arranged by Belgian group, Mâäk, that’s led by trumpeter Laurent Blondiau with the excellent oud of Moufadhel Adhoum.
It is considered her most Sufi and spiritually oriented work.
Benali graces the stage in the MwSOUL performance and creates a pulse that is organically provided by oud, flute, trumpet, sax, sousaphone & drums, along with her dark and commanding voice and horns that add punchy rhythmic riffs.
The performance is a roller coaster of beats and emotions.

The album is a production of MWSOUL Art Foundation in collaboration with Met-X, recorded with W.E.R.F label and will be released in Belgium on 5th of June 2017



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