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Fascinated as a child by “The Little prince” novel by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry, the renowned literature quote “Draw me a sheep” have constantly consumed Ghalia Benali’s thoughts.

For years, the artist has failed to purchase the doll of her dreams, so instead, she made one. Trying hard to find each doll the face it was meant to have, she opted to leave them unidentified, which eventually matched the persona she always imagined.

The concept of “Draw Me a Doll” project is that what a person chooses to wear might suggest his/her character, yet it will never embody the soul and authentic nature.

The project tackles themes such as freedom, inspiration, beauty, skin-color, diversity and acceptance while highlighting Benali’s opposition to prejudice, racism and body shaming.

The art dolls are made from spare scraps of cloth material, stuffed with raw sheep wool. They can be white, black, red or green. The fabrics used for the dresses are vintage silk, lace and leather, with gold and silver accessories. The scrawny arms and legs are similar to botanical roots.

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