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As a child with a wild imagination, Ghalia Benali virtually travelled the world in her head, without ever leaving the comfort of her home.

Feeling chased out of her safe haven, Benali refused to accept the reality of selling her house which embodied her dreams and memories. Mourning her past, the songstress started showing a fascination in creating miniature worlds, with their own fantasy and drama, in small boxes.

Each box is a slice of life, a vulnerable little world that is a cabinet of curiosity. The observer feels sympathy and recognizes himself in the tiny figures and relate to their ignorance and frailty. There is enough space for one viewer at a time which gives a sense of privacy and intimacy.

Benali chose the dolls used in architectural modelling to represent her characters. The boxes have a vintage feel to it, like most of Benali’s work, which is about memories and souvenirs. All the objects, fabrics, jewelry and tiny details are covered in dirt, torn and shredded.

Benali aimed at recycling un-useful objects in our daily life, to give them a new purpose and meaning. The dioramas, as the musician named them, incorporate a painted background that employ a false perspective and carefully modifying the scale of objects.


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